Each artist is commissioned to create an artwork which has to follow a simple set of production rules.
Firstly the work must be produced or reproduced to an A0 format (0.8 x 1.2m) and secondly all digital
files and associated materials will be destroyed prior to the work being shown.

This project aims to consciously remove the reproducible qualities of the digital to artificially create
an original. If the selected artist usually works in three dimensions, Hotel Palenque is an opportunity
to challenge their practise by offering an opportunity to create a new work that responds to the format
and the specific location where it will be exhibited.

Questioning traditional modes of display, Hotel Palenque will present one artwork at a time, during a one
night event. Hotel Palenque's intention is to focus the attention of the viewer onto one single artwork;
further emphasising the idea of the original by limiting its existence in time as well as space.

Every artwork is photographed when displayed and then archived online at

Hotel Palenque is a curatorial project initiated by Elise Lammer, the inaugral event contains an artwork
by swiss artist Tobias Madison:
Elise Lammer
Tobias Madison